A wedding abroad lets you celebrate in paradise. Taking vows on a sunny beach or historic castle brings your romantic vision to life. But making dreams a reality on a budget is tough. Fancy locales like Bora Bora sound perfect but cost a fortune. How do you stay within costs and still have an amazing wedding?

This guide shares smart tips to mix travel and “I dos” through affordable destination ideas. We’ll explore spots that wow guests without draining your savings. You can find venues from charming vineyards to desert tents for a fraction of traditional prices. 

With planning, you can transport your ceremony overseas for an unforgettable adventure. Focus on the love, not the logistics. Use these savvy suggestions to turn wanderlust into wedded bliss. You can blend passport stamps and marital bliss to get the wedding of your dreams abroad on a real-world budget.

Top Five Dream Wedding Destinations 

1. The Rustic Charm of Slovenia

Slovenia blends mountains, lakes, and vineyards into a scenic backdrop for weddings. This central European country offers financial perks compared to more traditional destinations:

  • Wedding venue fees from £500
  • Catering from £20 per person
  • Accommodation from £60 per night

Lake Bled is a must-see with its island church and mediaeval castle. Historic Ljubljana charms visitors with its red-roofed buildings and cafes lining the river.

Slovenia’s natural beauty shines through for outdoor weddings with less stress on your budget. The relaxed pace lets you focus on what matters most – celebrating your love surrounded by dramatic cliffs, tranquil lakes, rolling vineyards, and quaint villages rich in tradition. 

Adventure together after exchanging vows by hiking forest trails, paddling Lake Bled, or cycling through wine country. A wedding in Slovenia may not be the first place you consider, but its rustic charm offers an intimate, affordable, and spectacular setting you won’t find elsewhere.

2. The Untouched Beauty of Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania shows off untamed wilderness and coastlines with cliffs. Planning a wedding here costs less than mainstream spots.

  • Venue fees from £700
  • Catering from £15 per person
  • Hotels from £80 per night

Freycinet National Park is amazing with its pink granite peaks and white sand. Nearby, Wineglass Bay stuns with turquoise water.

Lush rainforests, rugged mountains, and pristine beaches make Tasmania feel worlds away. Exchange vows on a secluded beach with waves crashing behind you. Celebrate in the wilderness surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Adventure together after the ceremony – hike mountain trails, kayak crystal coves, or sample Tasmanian wines. This island hasn’t been overrun by tourists yet. Its laid-back charm offers a romantic escape. 

For dramatic scenery minus the crowds and costs of mainstream Australia, look to Tasmania. Its untouched landscapes create an intimate, affordable setting to start your marriage in paradise.

3. The Secluded Beaches of Vietnam

Vietnam has many hidden beach gems like Phu Quoc along its long coastline. Top resorts here cost far less than other spots.

  • Venues from £400
  • Catering from £10 per person
  • Hotels from £50 per night

Cruise the limestone isles of Ha Long Bay. Wander Hoi An’s old town of yellow buildings and lanterns.

With sweeping white sand beaches, Vietnam feels worlds away. Take vows as the sun sets over palm trees and turquoise waves. After, explore seaside villages and sample street food together. Luxury here doesn’t break the bank – you can splurge on beachfront villas and pampering without overspending. 

For tropical magic off the beaten path, look to Vietnam’s secluded shores. Its untouched beaches lined with jungle offer the romantic escape of your dreams, with authentic local experiences, at a price you can afford.

4. The Quaint Villages of Portugal

Portugal charms with coastal towns and old villages full of romance. You get great value on places to stay and wedding services.

  • Venues from £600
  • Catering from £15 per person
  • Hotels from £70 per night

Near Lisbon, see the colourful palaces of Sintra. Relax among the rolling hills and vineyards along the Douro River.

Portugal’s villages offer intimacy without isolation. Exchange vows on a cliff overlooking the sea, then celebrate in a lively town with whitewashed buildings. Meander cobblestone streets hand-in-hand and sample local port wine. With fewer tourists, Portugal feels like your own secret escape. 

For old-world charm and spectacular scenery at affordable rates, look to Portugal’s quaint villages. Nestled between mountains and ocean, they provide the storybook backdrop for your fairy tale wedding on a budget you can happily say “I do” to.

5. The Desert Oasis of Morocco

Morocco mixes cultures for vibrant, exotic wedding spots. You can pick luxury hotels or budget desert camps.

  • Venues from £300
  • Catering from £12 per person
  • Hotels from £60 per night

In Marrakech, wander colourful markets and palaces. Do tours into the Sahara Desert by camel. Sleep in tents under starry skies.

Morocco feels centuries away with bustling medinas and endless sand dunes. Take vows in an oasis as the sun sets over palm trees. Celebrate with music, dancing and lantern-lit streets. Adventure together into the desert and explore ancient kasbahs. 

For exotic romance on a budget, look to Morocco. Its ancient cities, fragrant spice markets, and sun-soaked dessert offer a magical escape where you can focus on each other, not cost. Blend tradition with adventure for memories to last a lifetime, all at rates that won’t break the bank.

Financing Your Dream Destination Wedding

A dream wedding abroad takes savvy budgeting. First, use up your savings. Let your family help cover costs as their gift to you. Consider short term loans in Ireland to bridge any gaps – useful for flights or deposits.

  • Save diligently
  • Family assists
  • Short-term loans

Getting smart with financing makes your ideal wedding possible, whether an intimate elopement or a lavish affair. With upfront planning and creative sources, you can fund your perfect overseas celebration while minimising stress. Focus on the magic of exchanging vows in paradise – not financial fears.


Dream weddings abroad can happen on real-world budgets. Each destination offers its own magic – from Slovenia’s rustic vineyards to Morocco’s desert oasis – at a fraction of the cost of traditional locations. With smart financing options like short term loans in Ireland, you can fund your ideal celebration. Don’t limit your vision. 

Think outside the box and let your heart and budget guide you. Focus on love, not money. With planning, you can transport guests for a once-in-a-lifetime event in paradise that you’ll cherish forever.

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