Are you a tech enthusiast? If so, tailor-made eyewear brands are not far from your reach. Make a bold fashion statement by using adaptable sunglasses and AR frames. AI-featured eyewear will protect your eyes from UV rays, enhance your eyesight, and even help you make phone calls. They are not ordinary sunshades or spectacles. AI-integrated eyewear has much more potential and benefits.

Of course, they are high-end pairs, and therefore, they will cost you some money. In case your budget does not have enough money to pay for them outright, you can take out bad credit loans with no guarantor. Here are the AI-tech eyewear that you would certainly love to buy:

  • TCL RayNeo X2 AR glasses  

TCL RayNew X2 AR glasses have captured the imagination of people from across the world because of their enhanced AI features. This pair of glasses can capture photos and videos to the amazement of many people. Now, elevate your AR experience with an AI assistant. Your personal AI assistant can strike up intelligent conversations. 

Your assistant will keep you updated about what is happening in the world. It is an AI-driven encyclopedia. You can experience smooth communication with real-time translation and face-tracking subtitles. Dialogue translation will help you maintain eye contact for a more natural conversation without the need for a head-down. 

3D interactive navigation will make your journey smooth and comfortable. It has made photography and filming very easy. Just slide the temple when the screen is off, and it will start immediately capturing memorable shots. Now, you no longer need to carry cameras and DSLRs. Apart from head-up notifications about the world, you can use these glasses to submerge in music. Other features include:

  • Brightness up to 1500 nits
  • A realistic eye-level view with a 3D display. 
  • 85% optical transmittance
  • Superior chip performance

RayNeo’s operating system is entirely new. It generates a new way to interact with a new world by blending virtual and physical environments. 

  • RAX next-gen outdoor smart glasses

RAX next-gen glasses have been designed to put on your head even if you are wearing a helmet. Ditch glasses and headphones that keep falling off. RAX next-gen outdoor glasses will provide you with protection from UV rays. These glasses have inbuilt wireless speakers, a song selection button, a touch volume control, and a microphone. You can use them until 8 hours when the battery is full. 

Now, you can listen to music and podcasts as you go about your business. You can take phone calls with a built-in microphone. There is no requirement for changing music using buttons. Just tap on the side of your shades to change the music or raise the volume. Without any distractions, you can focus on outdoor activities. 

It takes half an hour to charge the battery, and it can survive up to 28 hours in standby mode. The battery will run for 8 hours if you listen to music at 70% volume, which makes it perfect eyewear when you are biking, hiking or fishing. 5.3 Bluetooth connectivity is another feature. 

RAX glasses are ideal because of the following features:

  • They provide you with a full view of the field, with adjustable nose support. 
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Their compatibility with most helmets
  • Elimination of blind spots
  • No block out of sounds even if music is on

At the time of delivery, you will get an extra transparent lens and an extra pair of rectangular temples. You will also get an RAX fan sticker and USB-C charging cable. 

  • Lenovo Legion Glasses

Legion glasses will enjoy movies and games whenever you want. This is a wearable monitor. Wear it like a pair of glasses and connect it to the Lenovo Legion Go. Be careful about your position because awkward positions can cause strain and pain in your neck. The Legion glasses are portable and comfortable. You will experience your games and videos in multiple colours. 

It will let you have an experience the same as you get on a big screen. This provides you with absolute privacy. With no light escape, nobody can get to know what you are watching on your screen. The glasses are compatible with USB-C devices. You can use them anywhere. Legion glasses are not very expensive. However, if you still need emergency money now, you can borrow from a reputed direct lender. 

  • Carrera Smart Glasses

 Carrera smart glasses are featured with Alexa to help you manage everything from making phone calls to playing songs. The pair of glasses will provide you with style as well as a helping hand. Ask Alexa to play your favourite song and make a phone call without looking at your phone. You can use these glasses to listen to audiobooks. You can even check if you have locked the door from miles away. 

The open-ear audio feature will let you listen intently without letting others know what you are hearing. Despite that, you will stay in touch with your surroundings. In addition, Carrera glasses provide your eyes with protection from UV rays. 

The glasses are also water and sweat-resistant. Your privacy is not at risk. Since the glasses are built with multiple layers, microphones will only respond to the person wearing them. You can mute it by pressing the button two times. There is an option of voice recording for you to hear them later at any time. You are entirely free to delete them. 

With a one-time charge, you can use it for six hours. However, moderate usage can extend up to 14 hours. 

The final word

 There are many eyeglasses featured with advanced AI technology. They can be expensive, but they are worthwhile if you are a tech lover. Wear style and make your life more comfortable. You do not need to think about your privacy because it will not be compromised at all. 

You can borrow money from direct lenders if you do not have enough money. Check out interest rates to avoid signing an expensive deal. 


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