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Custom primary packaging presents a compelling opportunity for brands to leave an everlasting impression on consumers. Beyond packaging’s operational and primary role of protecting the product, it has become a concrete representation of the brand’s ideology and values, a symbolic mascot for the brand. 

By investing in special and attractive packaging designs, brands can develop deeper connections with their customers and enhance the overall product experience.

To inspire your custom packaging innovations, here are a few standout examples that have caught The DPS’s attention:

  • TWYG Facial Set

The TWYG Facial Set is a symbolic and true testament to innovative packaging design. Characterized by its bold, warm orange hue and distinctive sculptural structure, this packaging system is unlike anything seen before. 

What sets TWYG apart is not just its striking appearance but also its commitment to sustainability and natural sourcing. Crafted from sustainably fallen New Zealand Totara trees, TWYG represents a balanced blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

TWYG packaging is a playful and optimistic aesthetic. The bright orange color promotes feelings of energy and vitality, while the sculpted design adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. It’s as if each piece of packaging is a work of art in its own right, reflecting the unique qualities of the product it houses.

The packaging captures the creativity, transporting consumers to a sun-drenched forest where luxury meets sustainability.

  • Bare August

Bare August, a foot care brand, uses realistic illustrations of feet with various conditions on its primary packaging to emphasize the unique selling proposition and benefits of its natural and effective products. This approach aims to visually communicate the brand’s focus on addressing common foot problems while showcasing the efficacy of its products through relatable imagery.

The primary packaging used by Bare August is portrayed through the foot file made from etched glass, which is gentle and effective for foot care. The glass foot file is designed for wet and dry skin, providing a gentle yet efficient solution for smoother and softer feet. This choice of material aligns with the brand’s emphasis on quality, safety, and effectiveness in foot care products.

  • Bija Essence 

Bija Essence uses recyclable glass as its primary packaging material. The glass packaging aligns with the focus on being environmentally conscious and recyclable. The glass is a durable and reusable material that helps protect the brand’s natural essential oil blends while conveying a sense of quality and care. 

Bija Essence’s packaging design has a little mid-century modern aesthetic. This design approach likely reflects the brand’s emphasis on elegance, beauty, power, and quality.

The packaging features clean lines, simple shapes, and a timeless look that appeals to the brand’s target audience seeking wellness products. The primary packaging design reflects the brand’s focus on human connection and the natural world.

The packaging includes natural colors, earthy tones, or other design lines that inspire a connection to nature and the brand’s Ayurvedic inspirations. 

  • Kindness Beauty

Kindness Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand, strategically utilizes design elements in primary packaging. Its aim is to convey a sense of kindness and appeal to eco-conscious customers. 

Kindness Beauty incorporates pastel colors in its packaging design. Pastels represent softness, gentleness, and a calming effect. These colors deliver tranquility and positivity, displaying the brand’s message of kindness alongside promoting a soothing and approachable aesthetic.

Kindness Beauty adds a touch of nature and beauty to their products by adding floral patterns to their packaging. Flowers symbolize growth, renewal, and natural beauty, which can resonate with eco-conscious consumers who appreciate organic and botanical ingredients in their skincare products. 

  • Never Go Alone Sanitizing Wipes & Treatment Mist

They represent an approach to personal wellness and hygiene, born out of the need to adapt in a post-pandemic world. By putting, careful attention to detail, these products offer more than just protection—they represent sophistication, uniqueness, and a touch of unexpected luxury. 

The primary packaging reflects this ethos, boasting a design that exudes sophistication and modernity. From sleek lines to minimalist aesthetics, the packaging stands out on any countertop or in any travel bag, making a statement about the importance of personal wellness.

The products are designed to engage the senses and elevate the user experience. The choice of materials is carefully curated to provide a pleasant tactile sensation with each use, transforming routine hygiene practices into moments of indulgence and pleasure. 

Never Go Alone products are more than just practical essentials—they’re thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones who lead busy, on-the-go lifestyles. By giving these upscale sanitizing wipes and treatment mist, you’re not just offering protection; you’re sharing a symbol of care, consideration, and the importance of personal wellness.


The marketplace is filled with countless options, so standing out on the shelves is important, especially if you want to capture consumers’ attention during the holiday season. That’s where the DPS comes in—to help you turn your packaging dreams into reality and make your product shine on the retail shelves and under the Christmas tree.

With our expertise and creative vision, we can help you reimagine custom primary packaging in ways that exceed your wildest expectations. Whether launching a new product or looking to refresh your brand’s packaging, we’re here to guide you through the process and bring your ideas to life.

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