An Umrah trip is the most sacred trip for Muslims. The essence of performing Umrah is seeking Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Every Muslim wants to do Umrah at least once in his life and ensure that he provides the means for his family to perform Umrah too. Either going with your parents, siblings, spouse, or kids, family Umrah packages can make things easy for you.

These packages, made especially for families, offer a lot of benefits. They can make your Umrah trip convenient by taking care of visa processing, flights, hotels, meals, and Ziyarats. The nature and number of these services vary according to the plan. This guide explains everything you need to know about a family Umrah packages

Different Types of Family Umrah Packages

These packages are typically divided into three categories. Let’s explore them more to find out the best deal for you.

5-Star Premium Packages: Best for Luxury Seekers

5-star family Umrah packages are all-inclusive deals. They offer the best services in the form of direct flights, luxury hotels (near the Holy Mosques), guided tours, and transportation. You don’t have to worry about anything after availing these packages. 

4-Star Budget Packages: Maximum Value for Money

These packages are best if you want a balance between services and cost. The packages are not as lavish as 5-star ones, but they are an upgrade compared to 3-star Umrah deals. You usually get one meal, hotels (a little away from Holy Mosques), and some may include guided tours.

3-Star Cheap Packages: Ideal for Budget Travellers

They are the best option for budget-oriented pilgrims who are happy with basic services while performing Umrah. 3-star family Umrah deals include flights (which may include stopovers), hotels, visa processing, and document handling. 

Benefits of Booking Family Umrah Packages


Regardless of which type of package you select, family or group Umrah packages are generally cheap. Many tour providers offer special discounts for large groups compared to booking individually. Some also offer free upgrades if you book a certain number of seats. Booking Umrah packages together can help families save a lot.

Bonding and Praying Together

Going on Umrah together can give families a chance to increase their bonding with each other. When you are at Allah’s place, your heart is pure and free from any worldly possessions. This can help clear any enmities and jealousies among each other. Overall, an Umrah trip can reunite the family members, create love, and remove any cold feelings for each other.

These packages also provide a chance to pray with each other. Allah Almighty showers countless blessings and praises when He sees that a whole family has come to His home just for His sake. 

A Chance to Create Unique and Lovely Memories

A family picture in Ihram with Holy Mosques in the background is the most cherished possession for Muslims. Such pictures and videos will serve as an unforgettable memory of the most beautiful times of a family’s togetherness. Family Umrah packages can provide a chance to perform Umrah and create hundreds of such memories at an affordable price. 

Support and Guidance

Performing Umrah is a physically challenging journey, especially in the summer season. Doing Umrah together allows families to help each other. Adults and teenagers can help the elderly or disabled. The mothers and fathers can take care of the kids. Moreover, experienced pilgrims can guide first-timers about Umrah rituals. All this ensures that you perform Umrah in the right way and that your Umrah is accepted by the Almighty. 

Setting Examples for the Young Ones

A family trip to Umrah can help you set an example for the little ones. Suppose you go to Umrah with your kids, parents, siblings, and extended family. The children will learn from this and will want to take you to Umrah when they grow up.

Tips for Performing Umrah with Families

Pack Accordingly

Make sure you pack all the relevant stuff when travelling with your family. If you have little kids that need frequent feeding, take enough milk or eatables with you. Don’t forget to pack diapers and change them before starting Umrah. Moreover, for the elderly, you must keep medicines, water, or anything else they may need during Umrah. Keeping all these things in a backpack is a better option than carrying a handbag. Also, buy comfortable Ihram clothing for your kids. 

Carry a Baby Carrier or Toddler Harness

Prams are not allowed in the main Haram area, but you can take them on the wheelchair ramp on the second floor. A much better option is a kangaroo pouch for smaller babies. Parents can easily wear this bag and perform all the Umrah rituals with their little ones. For toddlers, a harness or leash is the best option so the kids don’t wander here or there.

Educate the Little Ones About Umrah

It is a good idea to educate the little ones before leaving for Umrah. This will help them understand the purpose of doing Umrah. A little effort before leaving for Umrah can make a lot of things easy for you during the trip.

Get Vaccinated

Make sure all the vaccinations for your kids are up-to-date. Ensure that you get your kid vaccinated at least a month before travelling so you can get ample time to treat post-vaccination fevers.

Final Words

Allah Sweet loves it when a whole family travels to visit His home and seek His forgiveness. How can Muslims forget the sacrifice of Prophet Yusuf and his father Yaqub and that of Ibrahim and Ismael? Setting this as an example and seeing the rewards they were granted, a family Umrah tour gains paramount importance. While you can plan the trip yourself, family Umrah packages can make things super easy for you. 

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