Alien Rivals is a fun 2D alien-fighting game that lets you battle Ben’s pantheon of Omnitrix-powered aliens in arcade, survival and random mutation modes. You can also unlock new aliens the more you win!

Although not quite the bloodbath you might expect from the source material, things don’t look good for players when their crew morale reaches zero.


The gameplay in Alien Rivals is pretty simple and easy to understand. You control the Ben 10 avatars by tapping on the screen of your device. Pressing the right side of the screen causes your alien to attack, and the left side of the screen controls defensive moves. When your avatar’s power meter is full, you can unleash a devastating special attack. You can choose between three different game modes, including arcade, survival, and mutation. The arcade mode is great for practicing, while the other two are more challenging.

The premise of the game is that the Omnitrix aliens have to battle their evil counterparts to protect the Earth from destruction. You can play as Heatblast, Wreckingbolt, and other aliens from the Ben 10 franchise. Each character has its own fighting style and special attacks. The game also offers a unique leveling system, where you can unlock new aliens as you fight.

The jigsaw puzzles online are designed to run on any device, so you can play it from your mobile phone or tablet. You can even play it on a computer, if you have an HTML5 browser. You can download the free version of the game from KBH Games, or you can play it online in your web browser. The game is very fun to play, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Alien Rivals is an online game that lets you change into a variety of Ben 10 Omnitrix warriors to fight a pantheon of his alien enemies. You'll battle against evil doppelgangers of Omnitrix aliens to prove that you are a true hero. This game will challenge you to defeat all your alien rivals by attacking them and using their powers. If you hit your opponent enough times, the energy gauge will fill up and you'll be able to perform a special attack that can shake their health and stun them.

The game does a great job of blending a number of visual styles from the franchise into a single gaming entry. It starts out with the expected claustrophobic gray military hangars and corridors of 'Alien Isolation', but as it goes on it also takes some of the more inventive settings from 'Prometheus' and 'Aliens Covenant' to mix things up visually.

Another thing I like is how it's not afraid to get a little weird with the graphics, and some of the 'boss' aliens look particularly fun and interesting. But even when you're battling regular Xenos, the game still looks quite nice.

Another problem is that it doesn't really ever establish a sense of scale or place with the levels it places you in, which is an important element for any good sci-fi shooter to have. And despite some lag, it's also sometimes hard to tell where your enemy is during the big stand-offs if they're jumping around the room.


In addition to being a fun game to play, Alien Rivals is also very educational. It teaches children about basic computer controls and demonstrates how to use them properly. In addition, the game features many different levels that can be unlocked by winning fights. Throughout these levels, the player will be able to unlock various weapons. These weapons range from pistols to magma guns, and can be used in various ways depending on the situation.

This game offers a unique blend of roleplaying and sci-fi action. Its pacing and mechanics perfectly capture the feeling of life on the frontier. This is especially evident in the rules regarding crew morale, which has a meter that can plummet to zero, and the need for drama, friction, and inexplicable outbursts.

The rules also feature a system for resource allocation and management, including encumbrance rules. This is important in a space-based setting like this, where the players must balance boosting from Earth with building stations and colonies able to utilize space resources on their own. This is something that is rarely seen in modern RPGs.

Another cool addition to this base set is the inclusion of a stress system. This allows players to “push” their rolls, meaning they can describe additional factors that may affect the result of a roll. This adds to the tension of the game and is a nice touch that separates it from other space RPGs.

Game modes

In the Alien Rivals game, you can choose between three different modes. The first is arcade mode, which lets you fight a series of alien battles. The second is survival mode, which tests your skills. Finally, the mutation mode offers a bit of randomness. This is a great way to get familiar with the gameplay and controls.

The main enemy is the xenomorph, the black-plated hive warrior that first appeared in 'Alien'. These overwhelming foes are easy to kill but hard to keep under control. In addition to xenomorphs, players can also face other aliens and humans from the Independent Core System colonies that are vying for resources.

Another big element is the stress mechanic. Players have to make decisions about when to bacta their stuff up and when to roll again. They can also decide when to use cards to apply negative influence tokens to enemies in the future. This makes the game much deeper than a single-sheet rules flier might suggest.

Overall, Alien Rivals is a fun way to fight aliens with Ben 10's Omnitrix. Its graphics are good, and the animations and sound effects are authentic. The game is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the game includes several achievements and challenges that you can complete to unlock more aliens.

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